Sound Level Testing

Sound Level Testing

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Improve workplace productivity and protect health with sound level testing.   

What is Sound Level Testing

Background noise in workspaces can cause annoyance, stress, fatigue and other medical issues. There are many sources of noise that present in work environments. Our sound level testing, can measure sound and determine what noise class it falls into and determine if there are concerns with the operating levels and if sound attenuation is necessary.

Sound level testing implements measurements that can advise clients if rooms in the workplace are in an acceptable range. This is accomplished by measuring sound levels at different frequencies, from 63 hertz to 8000 Hertz, and plotting the points on an NC Curve (Noise Criteria Curve).

In addition to overall sound measurements (DBA), we provide measurements at the different frequency levels, in order that this information can be plotted on an NC Curve. The noise criteria curve shows not only if the sound level is acceptable but can also guide you to identifying the root of the sound level problems when they are present.

The Benefits of Sound Level Testing

Sound level testing can:

  • Increase overall health of the workplace by reducing hearing loss. 
  • Improve workplace productivity by reducing noise-related stress and fatigue.
  • Alert you to the need for sound attenuation.

Excess noise can be disruptive and prolonged exposure to loud noise can lead to stress and medical issues. Sound level testing can identify and prevent issues before they arise.

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