Duct Leak Testing

Duct Leak Testing

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What is Duct Leakage Testing?

Duct leakage testing is performed by pressurizing a section of ductwork to a specified level. The leakage level is measured and compared to the allowable rate. If the test section leakage is above the allowable tolerances, our specialized instruments then help identify areas where the leakage is occurring, in order that they can be sealed properly.

Our Test & Balance Specialists have been trained thoroughly in the SMACNA Duct Leakage Testing Standards, and can help you pinpoint leaks, and optimize your systems performance. This leads to systems that can utilize their full capability, in providing heating, cooling, and provide superior air system performance for the building occupants. Dynamic Flow Balancing utilizes top of the line Duct pressurization instrumentation and can pressurize ducts upwards of 8 to 10 Inches of WC pressure. This benefits the client as larger sections of the system can be tested at once. This saves time and money as the system does not have to be capped off into smaller sections of duct and tested separately.

The Benefits of Duct Leak Testing

Supply system duct leakage results in the loss of heated and cooled air into ceiling spaces. Having more conditioned air reaching the intended space can result in enabling the system to heat and cool the intended spaces faster. This results in the heating and cooling equipment’s cycles being shorter, and again saves energy costs.

On exhaust systems, minimizing leakage reduces the possibility of contaminants being drawn into the ductwork. It also reduces the amount of moisture that could be drawn in that could result in mold growth.
Duct leakage testing is an important component of testing building mechanical systems, in order to conserve energy. This saves money in the everyday operation of the building.

Dynamic Flow Balancing is a Certified Member of the Canadian Associated Air Balance Council.

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