Drawing Reviews

Drawing Reviews

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Steven and Ed review a drawing for completeness with respect to balancing.

Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd. offers drawing reviews before and during the construction process, on a as requested basis. The process includes the following checks:

  • Do the system designs match the fan selection capacities?
  • Are there sufficient balancing dampers specified?
  • Are the dampers specified the correct ones for that application?
  • Have dampers been shown on the drawings that are not required?
  • Do the hydronic systems have sufficient Circuit Balance Valves (CBV’s)?

Benefits of Drawing Reviews

Drawings reviews implemented during the design stages can prevent the need for change notices later. It is always much more cost effective to install balancing devices during the construction phase, as opposed to having to add them after the fact.

Finding any unnecessary dampers and removing them from the drawing prevents unnecessary costs being incurred by the owner, especially if they are devices that add restriction to the systems, or that would need to be removed later.

Cross checking that fan capacities match system requirements early allows changes to specified equipment, if necessary, before the equipment is priced and ordered.

Dynamic Flow Balancing is a Certified Member of the Canadian Associated Air Balance Council.

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