Fume Hood Testing

Fume Hood Testing

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Fume hoods are critical in keeping users safe from dangerous and harmful chemicals. Proper balancing of these can have a huge impact on energy savings as there is considerable impact on their interaction with other systems such as make up air systems. It is important to test systems yearly and ensure the correct airflows are maintained

Fume Hood Testing

Fume hoods are used to:

  • Contain gases and protect users from inhaling them.
  • They also keep toxic gases from escaping into the surrounding areas, and possibly mixing with other chemicals.
  • Contain experiments (Chemical and others) and keep them isolated.

To protect the users, it is important to ensure fume hoods are operating at proper levels. Face velocities at the sash opening must maintain their design levels in order to keep the users safe and to contain the harmful chemicals and compounds being used.

Many fume hoods have face velocity monitors that allow the users to see the velocity being maintained, and that will sound an audible alarm if the velocity drops and an unsafe condition occurs.

Dynamic Flow Balancing can help ensure fume hoods are operating properly.

We check the fume hood exhaust fans to determine their operating levels. Then check the face velocities achieved at the fume hood opening. If the velocity is too high or too low, adjustments can be made as necessary to bring performance within the design range. Once the proper performance level is achieved, a sticker is applied stating the fume hood is operating within the design tolerance. We can set our clients up on a regular yearly re-checking and re-certifying program.

Fume hoods remove considerable volumes of conditioned air from their buildings. As a result, considerable amounts of energy are consumed, not only by the fume hood fan itself, but by the systems that must introduce replacement air, heat and/or cool it, and deliver it to the required areas. Ensuring these systems operate at their design levels minimizes wasted energy and minimizes energy costs.

The Benefits of Fume Hood Testing

Fume Hood Testing can:

  • Provide a safe working environment for users
  • Keep experiments from being contaminated and compromised
  • Minimize energy costs. Fume hoods are often interconnected with make up air systems. An improper balance can result in significant wasted energy and additional costs.

Dynamic Flow Balancing is a Certified Member of the Canadian Associated Air Balance Council.

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