Why Dynamic

Why Dynamic

Why Select Dynamic Flow Balancing ?

Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd. has a team of professionals that have the technical knowledge to understand each mechanical system’s design intent, as well as the competence to apply correct methodology to achieve optimum system performance. This is completed, bearing in mind ways to maximize energy efficient system operation. Each project is led by a Canadian Associated Air Balance Council (CAABC) Certified Technician. Once the project is completed, all reports are reviewed by a CAABC certified Test and Balance Specialist TBS (Test and Balance Specialist – Canadian equivalent of the American Test and Balance Engineer, or TBE).

Technical Expertise

Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd. technicians have the technical expertise to solve, and assist in the solving of complex mechanical system problems. Some balancing firms measure the air and water flows, and forward the results. The recipient may be in an remote office, looking at results, but then have insufficient information to provide answers or solutions. Our technicians evaluate the data on site, and when problems are encountered they have the knowledge to investigate the concerns, and determine root causes, and possible solutions. When our report is forwarded, there is significantly more data provided, making it easier for the parties involved to rectify the concerns. This saves time and money for many different parties, as extra meetings don’t need to be called, and time identifying and dealing with concerns is reduced. This results in properly operating systems, and in many cases improved comfort, much more quickly. When satisfactory balancing results are not achieved by others, Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd. is often brought in to accomplish the design intended results. We are the company of choice when it comes to completing projects properly, and on schedule.

FOR BUILDNG OWNERS/MANAGERS – Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd. looks out for your interests, identifies any areas of concern, and works with the Engineers and Contractors to resolve them. Together we achieve the best possible results with respect to the operation of your mechanical systems.

FOR ENGINEERS – When a Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd. report is received, you can be confident the data is 100% accurate and reliable, and that the project is balanced as best as possible. We guarantee it!

FOR CONTRACTORS – During the balancing process our thoroughly competent technicians review the projects, identify any concerns, and help resolve them before balancing reports are submitted. We assist you in providing systems that are 100 % complete and operating optimally. In essence, we are an important part of your quality control process. Teamwork provides a great end result, and the systems are turned over functioning properly. This is a great reflection on your company. Everyone wins!

Energy Cost Minimization

Today, energy management is becoming increasing important, as energy costs continue to rise. Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd. approaches each project with the intention of minimizing long term energy costs, while still ensuring the design intent is achieved, without compromising comfort or safety.


Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd. keeps their clients apprised of project progress and status. Our technicians can explain complex mechanical systems in laymen’s terms, so that all involved understand exactly what is happening on a project. Excellent documentation skills also make it easier for all involved to understand project status and results. Written reports that are clear and concise assist all parties in resolving job concerns quickly.


Numerous Consulting Engineers have expressed their opinion that our reports are the best in the industry. Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd. does not just provide page after page of numbers. Each report has a written Evaluation of the Systems (in effect an Executive Summary) at the beginning of the report. This summary explains, in simple terms, each systems operating level, and identifies items that require review. Where deviation from design occurs, those items are explained and clarified, and solutions suggested as applicable. This summary can save the reader time, as they do not have to look at hundreds or thousands of numbers, to find the few areas of concern. The report identifies the items that require review, and the Engineers and other readers can spend their time focussing on the concerns, not utilizing considerable time trying to find where the concerns are.

Specify Dynamic Flow Balancing

Join the many that make Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd. their company of choice for all their Mechanical Systems Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing needs.
Here is an example showing some of the companies that specify Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd.

  • Andronowski & Associates Ltd.
  • ARC Engineering Incorporated
  • Atkinson Engineering Ltd.
  • CFMS (Toronto)
  • CFMS WEST (Hamilton)
  • DEI Associates
  • EXP Services Inc.
  • Filer Engineering
  • Hallex Engineering
  • Jain & Associates Ltd.
  • Millennium Engineering
  • MMM Group
  • Smith & Andersen
  • Vanderwesten & Rutherford
  • Various School Boards