Certification Matters

Certification Matters

Who is balancing your systems? Is it someone who is technically competent and that is familiar with the proper procedures for the multitude of different systems? How can you ensure a technically competent company and technicians are on your project?


Companies that have passed certification requirements have shown that they have the knowledge and practical experience to balance systems properly. There are two Nationally recognised Associations that provide certification. They are the Canadian Associated Air Balance Council, Canadian AABC, and The National Environmental Balancing Bureau NEBB. Most engineers specify that AABC or NEBB certification is required for balancing companies on their projects. Why? This is because these engineers care enough to want the project completed properly and know that proper certification eliminates less competent balancing firms.

CAABC member companies require having a Test and Balance Specialist, and to achieve this status a member must successfully pass an eight-hour examination. A 75% score is required. The exam consists of a four-hour theory portion, as well as a four hour practical applications portion. CAABC companies must also be Independent.

Independence is the cornerstone of CAABC and AABC. Members cannot engage in manufacturing, service, and any other activity that would hinder their ability to provide a 100% unbiased balancing report. This ensures to clients that the balancing company is not looking for items to generate additional work for themselves, nor are they covering up problems for a related manufacturer.

Dynamic Flow Balancing Ltd. Is a proud member of the Canadian AABC, and every project we complete is covered by the CAABC Guaranty Certificate.